Journal History

Editor of the magazine Journal of Neuroanestesi Indonesia receives neuroscientific articles in the form of research reports, case reports, literature review, either clinically or to the biomolecular level, as well as letters to the editor. Manuscript under consideration that may be uploaded is a full text of article which has not been published in other national magazines. The manuscript which has been published in proceedings of scientific meetings is acceptable with written permission from the organizers.

Our motto as written in orphanet: is that medicine in progress, perhaps new knowledge, every patient is unique, perhaps the diagnostic is wrong, so that by reading JNI we will be faced with appropriate knowledge of the above motto

INA-SNACC members are scattered throughout Indonesia, 2 in Banda Aceh, 2 in Medan, 1 in Palembang, 1 in Pekanbaru, 8 in Jakarta, 8 in Bandung, 1 in Karawang, 3 in Semarang, 2 in Solo, 3 in Yogjakarta, 1 in Purwokerto, 1 in Malang, 6 in Surabaya, 1 in Jember, 2 in Bali, 1 in Banjarmasin, 1 in Manado, 2 in Makasar, in total 47 members.